airsoft in Surrey

Airsoft Surrey | Airsofting in Surrey:

Airsofting in Surrey? Here at Bullswood Skirmish we have an Airsoft club that meets up around once a month - most Airsofters have their own guns and equipment but we do have some Airsoft hire guns available.

Airsofting in Surrey - whats it all about?

The main difference between Airsoft and Paintball is that Airsoft guns fire a much smaller plastic BB rather than a Paintball, and are allowed by law to fire like a full auto machine gun.

BB Airsoft guns are a lot more realistic looking, replicating the look and feel of modern army issue weapons - some of the Airsoft players go the whole hog with full matching kit, packs, guns etc. - some just like to play in old combats with their trusty AK47 - its up to the individual player - as long as they have full eye protection!

Mission times are longer than paintball, due to the use of re-spawning where you get shot, go back to a base and then rejoin the action - the missions can also vary from our regular Paintballing missions - we`ll brief you on these on the day but you still get to play on our same epic fields.

airsoft in Surrey

Airsoft Surrey | UKARA and the law:

A few years ago the government introduced the VCR Act (Violent Crime Reduction) which restricted the sale and supply of Airsoft guns to the general public - you can only buy an airsoft gun in vibrant two-tone colours unless you are a member of UKARA (like a governing body for airsoft). Members of UKARA are allowed to purchase and own the more realistic black airsoft guns which are preffered by most airsofters. Here at Bullswood Skirmish we are a registered UKARA Airsoft Venue, so to become a menber of UKARA you would need to play twice with us, fill out some simple paperwork, then we can get you registered.

***Please note: Whilst its legal to own and use Airsoft Guns on private land and airsoft venues it is not legal to walk down the road with one unless its completely covered in a bag - don`t mess with armed respnce units!!!

airsoft in Surrey

Airsoft Surrey | A few essential details...

To Find out the date of our next airsoft event please contact Joe and Chris at

- It is important to note that when buying a gun you will need a 8.4 Volt 3000 AMH or higher battery, otherwise, most likely your gun will not last a full day at Bullswood. Your choices are either buy a gas gun, spring gun or have multiple small batteries which you would need to change over every few games unless you have a sufficient large battery. Some guns will not be able to fit large batteries inside them so you will need to check that. However, it is possible to buy battery packs (pouches that fit on the side of the gun to hold larger batteries) or fake laser guides that are hollowed out inside for batery space - these fit to the side of guns quite easily if you have an RIS rail attached.

airsoft in Surrey

Airsoft Surrey | Rules:

- The FPS (Feet Per Second) of your gun must not be more than 360. This applies for all AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns). If your gun registers over this you will not be able to play. We think this is quite reasonable. There is a point where too fast becomes dangerous.

- Sniper Rifles (Single Shot Only) are allowed to go up to 400 FPS. Any sniper that has the ability to do full auto will be classed as an AEG.

- Your guns will be chronographed so there is no escaping this rule.

- Goggles need to have a perfect seal around them. If you do not have a perfect seal on your goggles you will not be able to use them at Bullswood. A small amount of full face goggles will be available but do not take this for granted and please try to bring your own fully sealled goggles. Mesh goggles are fine as long as once again there is a perfect seal.

- The minimum age to play here is 12 and anyone under the age of 18 will need an adult to sign them in.

- Guns hits and deflections do not count, however if you're not sure then just pull yourself out, honesty is the best policy!

- After you have been hit you will be able to respawn after spending 60 seconds at the on field start position.

- Not so much a rule, but wearing boots is preferable because it's woodland. This can get very slippery during the winter months.

airsoft in Surrey

Airsoft Surrey | General Information:

The cost of the day is £20. This is the cost of playing only. You will need to buy BBs and provide most other things yourself, as already detailed.
- Try to arrive at around 9:00-9:15 AM so we can get started by roughly 10AM.

- Please bring your own lunch.

- There will be free squash, coffee and tea available all day.

- Flushing toilets! No taking liberties in the woodland!

- We do have some BBs for sale and grenades. However, this isn't an unlimited supply. BBs are from £5.00 per 3000, with a refil of 3000 costing £4.00. Prices will change from time to time. You will need to be over 18 to use any pyrotechnics.

- The seating area is nice and covered so you and your equipment will stay dry.

- Unfortunately English weather isn't fantastic, so be prepared to get cold and wet in the winter months, which is all part of the fun really.

airsoft in Surrey

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