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OK, so you like what you see of us here at Skirmish Paintball Surrey, but maybe you are still not sure?  Check out these Paintballing testimonials for Surrey:

Paintball Letter at Surrey Paintballing

Al Murrey, Pub Landlord, regular player here at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"Got to say, Bullswood is just outstanding - I love playing Paintball and you`re the best - LOVE IT!"

All Murrey playing paintball at Paintballing Surrey

Ken Taylor, organiser at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"Absolutly Bloody Fantastic!"

Rydon Homes, regulars here at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"The service is outstanding.... we felt like Marines for the day!"

Russell Stevens, Best Man and organiser at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"As the Best Man I had a number of choices for the fun part of the day before we progressed on to some serious drinking - we made the right choice..."

Mr Clutch, Regular Corporate Customers at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Bullswood Paintball, not only for the experience and fun but also the professionalism displayed throughout the day."

Dan McArthy, organiser at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"Such good management.... top class ...... the day was brilliant"

Richard Ward, Best Man and organiser here at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"Best days fun I`ve ever had with my pants on - in the evening though, they came off....."

Victor Fransisco, Organiser here at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

"A truly excellent day was had by all, the games were increadible and the staff struck just the right balence of fun and experience..... can I drive the Half-Track please?"


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