Scenario Paintballing at Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

These games are aimed a gun-totting maniacs who own there own Paintballing equipment - if you don`t have the gear, you can always hire ours - just be warned these Scenario Paintball Games are not for the faint hearted!

We run either one or two of these days per year - our next Scenario Game, Stalingrad, is due on the 15th November (a bit of a wait but it`ll come soon enough!).

Stalingrad Scenario Paintball day:  (these are for Paintballers who have their own Paintball equipment - a little like re-enactors) and it was epic! The day kicked off with three one-hour long missions for both the German and Russian teams, with both Paintball teams battling for possession of fuel, ammo and secret intel, before a short break forsupplies and refreshments before the afternoons main battle - the Germans dug in behind a defensive line with the Russians attacking - aided by our new Troop Carrier - just check out the pics!

Just check out the videos of Stalingrad 1 and 2 below - see for yourself how awesome the day is - not for the feint harted though!

Stalingrad - Sun 15th November `15 - its a must play!!!

Check out videos of previous Kursk and Stalingrad battles - Tanks, artilery - check out the Bazooka in Stalingrad 5 - just plain awesome!

The day was just won by the Germans, who managed to grenade the Russian tank and clinch the day - though it could have gone either way!

For our next Scenario Paintball Game the Half-Track will be joined by a T-34 Tank that will be fitted out with a Paintball grenade Cannon - One of the missions on the day will invlove the Russians being held up inside thie Cement Factory while the germans shell them!

No other Paintball Venue brings you battle re-creations like Skirmish Bullswood Surrey!

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