Kids FAQ for Bullswood Skirmish Surrey:

If you are looking at bringing your kids for a Kids Paintball day then you probably have a few questions - here is a brief list of Q&A to help - if you have any other questions or need to discuss your requirements then please call Clare on 01342 870870 or email

Clare and Dan have compiled a list of the most common questions - check them out - might have the answer you are looking for!


Question - Whats the youngest age you can child you can entertain?

Answer - Our kids Paintballing sessions cover ages 10 - 15. 16 and overs usually join in the adult games.


Question - Are you fully insured?

Answer - Yes, we have full Public Liabilty insurance for £5,000,000 covering ages 10 and upwards


Question - Does it Hurt?

Answer - Getting shot by a Paintball is not pleasant - its agony either or else no-one would do it! We dress all our youngsters up in Camo gear then put Body Armour over that coupled with a padded hood and Full-Head goggles for unrivalled protection. We also use the finest, brittle paintballers to further limit any sting caused by getting shot.


Question - Do you supply gloves?

Answer - I`m afraid we do notissue gloves (one to many pairs go missing!) but we recommendkids bring a pair - wooly gloves are usually available onsite at £3.


Questions - My kids want grenades, can they use them?

Answer - All kids want grenades - I`m afraid the law prevents us from selling/allowing use of any pyrotechnics to anyone under the age of 18


How many kids do we need for a kids paintballing session?

On our open days held on set dates you can bring as few or as many as you like, we keep youngsters together on the same team but join them in with other kids.

How many Kids do I need for a private Paintball party?

For large groups of 16 or more players you can have a private Kids Paintballingparty - on these sessions can pick any date and timing (each session is around 3 and a half hours long) and parents are welcome to join in. You have your own seating area, dedicated team of Skirmish Paintball staff and no one else joins your battle.

Can Adults join in?

Only on Private Kids Paintball parties - its youngsters only the Open Kids Paintball Parties I`m afraid - one too many competitive dads in the past!


How many Paintballs do we need?

We advise a total of 300 Paintballs per player for our half day kids paintballing parties. There is little chance of making 100 paintballs last as kids being kids, they will blast away at anything that moves - including me! If you are one the 300 paintball package then we will issue the kids with 100 paintballs each for every 2 games we play (we play 6 games of paintball on each session) so they don`t just blast it all off in the gun range.


Do we get lunch?

We serve up Hotdogs after the first two games to keep everyone going - choccy bars are available but feel free to bring along any snacks or food you want. Tea, Coffee and squash is free on each session.


Whats the age range?

For our Kids paintballing sessions we are fully insured for ages 10 - 15. Anyone under 10 will have to wait a little longer I`m afraid.


I hear we can use Tesco Clubcards at Skirmish Surrey, Sussex and Kent?

Yes, you can use clubcards on our Standard Half-day Young Gun package. I`m afraid we cannot except them as payment for additional paintballs.


Do you split groups up?

No, we do our best to keep all groups together on the same team.


What if it rains?

Ah, good old England, we all love discussing the weather - we do play if it rains - our Safe Zone has loads of covered seating, the Woodland is in a dell so we rarely get wind and if its cold we always build a big, warming fire.


What do parents do?

Its up to you -some parents like to drop their kids off and go off to do some shopping or grab lunch, some like to see their kids get dressed up in all the gear, watch the sefety speaches and gun demo`s then shoot off - others like to stay the whole afternoon. If you do stay the whole afternoon I suggest bringing a newspaper or book whilst they are out paintballing in the woods. If in doubt, we advise you stay for the safety speaches then take it from there.


What are the timings?

For our Kids open Paintball Sessions the timing are 12.00 - 3.30 (aim for an 11.45 arrival).If you are having a Private Kids Paintball Party thenyou can choose your timings, though 10.00 - 1.30 and 12.00 - 3.30 are the most popular.


Can I bring a Birthday Cake?

Ohyes. At the end of the session we finish off with an awards presentation and a slice of cake is a great way to end theday - I also offer a personal "cake tasting" service if required!


How far are you from Crawley, Sussex?

We are 9 miles from Crawley, Sussex, please check out our map and follow it from Crawley.


How far are you from Tunbridge Wells, Kent?

We are 11 miles from Tunbrdge Wells, Kent, please check out our map and follow it from Tunbridge Wells.


How far are you from Caterham, Surrey?

We are 9 miles from Caterham, Surrey, please check out our map and follow it from Caterham.

If you have any other questions please give Clare a call on 01342 870870.

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