Here at Bullswood we use only the latest Paintball equipment for our Paintballing kids:

We have a uniqueTwo year automatic renual systemthat ensures all the Paintballing kids that attend Bullswood Skirmish only use awesome Paintball guns, reasuring protective equipment including body-armour and camo gear that fits even the smallest kid!

PMI Piranha Semi-auto Paintball guns:

We exclusivly use these awesome semi-autos that fire everytime you pull the trigger. Powered by envonmentally friendly compressed air they are fast, accurate and durable.

Paintball Gun at Kids Paintballing in Surrey

PMI Xtreme Goggle System:

These full-head google system are simply the best google combining a superb anti-fog lenses with excellent overall head protection.

kids paintballing goggles in surrey,

Brittle Paintballs:

One of the many areas where we differ from other Paintball venues is our use of brittle paintballs - paintballs that burst when they hit you considerably cut down on impact pressure - though it makes more work for us!

kids paintballs in Surrey

Staff that really pay attention:

The key to a really good kids paintball day is staff that are both fun and attentive - we tighten and adjust everyones googles before every game and ensure your childrens safety is our top priority.

kids paintball Staff in Surrey

For further details and a list of available date please call Clare on 01342 870870

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