Equipment @ Skirmish Paintball Surrey:

Here at Bullswood Skirmish we have a strict policy of Bi-Annual renual - this means that we replace all of our guns, goggles and camo every two years so you can be guaranteed only the best, most up-to-date gear for you and your friends. As well as camo gear to fit all sizes from tiny to xxxl, we also give free hire of body armour to kids and girls. Gloves are available to purchase only. Smoke Bombs and Paint Grenades are available for over 18`s only.

The PMI Piranha Semi-Auto Paintball Gun.

These paintball guns are fast, reliable and very accurate - every time you pull the trigger they fire - just the best gun for you. Powered by compressed air, there are no environmental issues either!

Paintball Gun at Surrey Paintballing

PMI Extreme Anti-Fog Google System.

Covering the eyes, ears, face and over the head, they offer the best combination of protection and vision you need to keep you and your friends safe!

paintball Equipment at Surrey Paintballing

Diablo Paintballs.

One area where we differ from many other Paintball Parks is our selection of only the finest brittle paintballs. This means they break on your target rather than bouncing off - should you get shot by one it hurts considerably less - always a good thing in our book! As they burst on your target more you shoot less of them - even better!

Diablo paintball at Paintballing Surrey

Don`t put up with old battered guns that don`t work or rock hard Paintballs that hurt - Play at Bullswood Skirmish - we go the extra mile!

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