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Find out what's been happening at Bullswood Skirmish and about our business in general. We're always looking for feedback and great action photos taken by our customers to include in the gallery. So don't be shy - send something over...

06/01/15 Latest Winterkids paintballing dates at Bullswood Surrey:

Heres our latest dates for Kids Paintballing date for winter with us at Bullswood in Sussex:
January: Sat 10th, Sun 18th Sat 24th
Febuary: Sat 7th, Sun 15th, Wed 18th, Sat 21st
March:Sun 1st, Sat 7th, Sun 15th, Sat 21st, Sun 29th.... read more....

Kids Paintball at Bullswood Skirmish

04/09/14 Latest Surrey Paintballing kids dates:

Heres our Autumnal dates for Kids Paintball with us at Bullswood in Surrey:
September: Sat 13th, Sun 21st, Sat 27th
October Sat 4th, Sun 12th, Sat 19th, Sun 26th, Wed (half term) 29th
November: Sun 2nd, Sat 8th, Sat 15th, Sun 23rd, Sun 30th

kids paintballing in surrey

04/08/14 Laserhub Crawley go into liquidation:

Word has it that the indoor lasertag center in Crawley, Laserhub, has stopped trading and cancelled all bookings.... read more....

lasertag crawley

Latest Summer season Kids Open Paintballing dates:

June:Sun 1st, Sat 7th, Sun 15th, Sun 22nd, Sun 29th
July Sun 6th, Sat 12th, Sun 20th, Sat 26th, Wed 30th
AugustSun 3rd, Sun 10th, Sat 16th, Sat 23rd, Wed 27th
SeptSun 7th, Sat 13th, Sun 21st, Sat 27th

Learn to play better paintball:

If your looking to improve your paintballing skills, check out our latest youtube video tutorials, using old school woodsball paintball techniques...

kursk tank battle at paintball sussex

Epic Kursk Tank Paintball battle:

Sunday 13th April saw us here at Bullswood Paintball in Surrey host an epic scenario day (like a huge re-enactment battle for battle hardened players) with scenes of Russians in tanks driving into defensive German positions - read more...

kursk tank battle at paintball surrey

Latest Kids Open Paintballing dates:

MaySat 3rd, Sun 11th, Sun 18th, Sat 24th
JuneSun 1st, SAt 7th, Sun 15th, Sat 21st, Sun 29th
More to be announced very soon...

Starr Warrs Lasertag Map now in play:

Our outdoor Lasertag has just got even better with awesome new Starr Warrs Forest Of Blendor map featuring a huge 2 legged ATST walker which you can get in and shoot out of plus Speedsters and Ewoks - just plain awesome!

Starr Warrs Lasertag at Bullswood Skirmish

Wild West Town rebuild complete:

Wow, Cowboys & Indians will never be the same again - our awesome Wild West Town rebuild is now complete - a first floor on the Sallon bar so you can shoot down from the rooftops in a Sherif style, a whole new Chapel complete with Bell Tower & Bell, an even bigger Jail with cells for Bandits as well as new roofs, walls etc. - its just SOOO GOOOOD!!!!!

Wild West paintball at Bullswood Skirmish

Latest Kids Open Paintballing dates:

September: Sun 2nd, Sat 8th, Sun 16th, Sun 23rd, Sun 30th
OctoberSun 7th, Sat 13th, Sun 21st, Wed 24th, Sat 27th
November:Sun 4th, Sun 11th, Sat 17th, Sun 25th

Latest Kids Open Paintballing dates:

June: Sun 10th, Sun 17th, Sun 24th,
July: Sun 1st, Sun 8th, Sat 14th, Sun 22nd, Sat 28th
August: Wed 1st, Sun 5th, Wed 8th, Sat 11th, Wed 15th, Sun 19th, Wed 22nd, Sat 25th,
September: Sun 2nd, Sat 8th, Sun 16th, Sun 23rd, Sun 30th

Wild West Town major works underway

Wow, are we doing some serious work on the Wild West Town - the Saloon Bar has gained an uper floor with commanding positions along with a covered verander and side and rear walls. The Bank has become a Chapel complete with new vestry, side/rear walls and pitched roof and the Jail has been extended - also with new roof and walls - still more to come and I will keep you posted with pics when finnished!

"A Bridge Not Too Far" Major works:

Ok, so its not a glamorous re-build, but we have re-staked, fixed and wrapped all 40 of big tyre barricades surrounding the Arnham Bridge - Heck of a lot of work!

Latest Kids paintballing dates:

Here`s an updated list of our latest kids open paintballing sessions for ages 10 - 15, timings 12.00 - 3.30.
March: Sat 17th, Sun 25th
April: Wed 4th, Sun 8th, Wed 11th, Sun 15th, Sun 22, Sun 29th
May: Sun 6th, Sun 13th, Sun 19th, Sun 27th
June: Sat 2nd, Wed 6th, Sun 10th, Sun 17th, Sun 24th

Kids paintball at Bullswood Skirmish

Lasertag Hostage Rescue Arena build up:

We have just completed a build up of one of our key Lasertag areanas - Hostage Rescue - with new rebel base buildings, barricades and fuel dump - even more to keep you covered from the awesome Laser guns!

Lasertag at Bullswood Skirmish

A bit of snow can`t stop play!

Brrrr...... It may have been a bit chilly when the snow hit but it didn`t stop a hardy bunch of under 15 Rugby Players from getting stuck in - nice to see all the roads were open following some excellent snow plow work in the local area.

snow paintball at Bullswood Skirmish

New half term kids paintballing date added:

We just spotted we have not listed a mid-week date for the half term, so we are adding Wednesday the 15th Febuary to the list!

Kicking off the new year in style with Al Murrey the Pub Landlord!

Al Murrey the Pub Landlord, took time out of his TV and stand-up comic show to blast away here at Bullswood to see in the new year - for a big guy he`s in awesome Paintballer!

The Pub Landlord Al Murrey at Bullswood Skirmish

Winter Kids Paintballing Dates:

Don`t let the cold put you off - the kids wear extra layers and we have an awesome new fire pagoda to keep the parents warm and dry while the kids blast each other! Open Kids Paintballing Sessions (Don`t forget, private games of 16 or more can pick any date they want, not just from the list):

Dec: Sat 3rd, Sun 11th, Sun 18th, Wed 21st, Tues 29th
Jan: Sat 7th, Sat 14th, Sun 22nd, Sun 29th
Feb: Sun 5th, Sat 11th, Sun 19th, Sat 25th
March: Sun 4th, Sat 10th, Sat 17th, Sun 25th, Sat 31st

Kids Paintball at Bullswood Skirmish

Laser Tag arrives at Bullswood:

Wow, our new Laser Tag Arena is now up and running - check out our awesome new Laser Pistols - they fire a three shot burst with unlimited ammo - videos coming soon!

Laser Tag at Bullswood Skirmish

Awesome new fire pagoda:

Here at Bullswood we know it can get chilly over winter - thats why we build the big fire in the safe zone to keep everyone warm between games - well, we have now built an awesome cover to keep you dry as well - perfect for parents watching their kids play ball!

Fire cover Bullswood Skirmish

Staingrad 3 Scenario Game:

Last weekend saw Bullswood host Our yearly Scenario event, Stalingrad, for Paintballers with their own Paintballing Gear. The Germans drove tanks at the Russian Cement Fortress, the Russians charged the Russian lines - we even raised £455 for Help For Heroes - Awesome!

Stalingrad at Bullswood Skirmish

Always great to get feedback:

After a game last weekend (Sun 18th September), we got a rather nice e-mail, so nice we thought we`d pop it in here (reminds me, I must sort some new letters for the notice boards....)
We would like to thank everybody that made our day the fantastic success it was. The team at Ladycross Farm are a credit to the company, from the greeting in the car park, the Marshals, the lady behind the counter and the men cooking the lunch right up the people saying good bye to us. The day exceeded our expectation and that is hard to achieve, as all of my party come from the service industry and know how hard this level of service can be to provide. We would highly recommend this site to any one who wants the best day out every. The Marshals where fantastic and got over all the health and safety points very clearly then explained each game and suggested some tactics that made the game great. It was a truly fantastic day thank you from David and the 20 others.

Let the Tank take the strain....

Some of you may have spotted a large hunk of armoured car in the car park on site - well its my new toy, a 1957 Humber Pig fresh out of Northern Ireland complete with bullet holes! Now the "Pig" has been re-built, the plan is to save your tired legs at the end of the day by trucking you all back up to the main car park with a free tank ride (assuming it starts - it is rather old!) - AWESOME!

Humber Pig at Bullswood Skirmish

Latest Kids Paintballing Dates:

Heres our latest list of Kids Open Paintballing Dates (for groups of any size - for private groups of 16 or more players you can pick your own dates - please call Clare to check availability)
August:Sun 21st, Wed 24th, Sat 27th
September: Sun 4th, Sat 10th, Sun 18th, Sun 25th
October: Sun 2nd, Sun 9th, Sat 15th, Sun 23rd, Thurs 27th, Sun 30th
November: Sun 6th, Sat 12th, Sun 20th, Sun 27th
December: Sat 3rd, Sun 11th, Sun 18th, Wed 21st, Thurs 29th


Owwwwwwww......The perils of videoing the new "Not CALL OF DUTY" Zone!!!

WARNING: This video, whilst hilarious, contains some mild swearing of the type you hear in Top Gear - nothing bad, but turn the volume down if you are in the office!
There I was, trying to get some footage of the new Game Zone when wallop - not something I was expecting!

Bullswood - always striving to bring you the most epic Paintballing in Surrey.

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